Thanks Kelli for tagging me in your post so here is a start to get back in my blogging mode:
{1} Post the rules. 
{2} Post a photo & 11 random things about you. 
{3} Answer questions. 
{4} Ask questions.
 {5} Tag. 
such an old pic from sept 2009
11 random things. 1.i LOVE hotdogs 2.i raised pigs for 9 year 3. i went to 4H camp for 13 years. 4. i gained 50+ lbs in my pregnancy 5. i am the 5th of 6 kids. 6. i can't live without eyelash extensions 7. 7 and 11 are my favorite numbers because they rhyme with devyn 8. i graduated from high school with 3 other girl 'devin's' 9. my husband and i both have hazel eyes. 10. i lived all my life on hazelwood drive 11. i just found out i have a great grandma named Hazel Mignon (Hazel is obviously my daughters name and mignon is my grandma's name how crazy?!)

1. What is your favorite thing about yourself? if i have goals in my life i usually always can accomplish them.. i have perseverance.
2. What is your major life goal? to raise a happy family <3
3. What 3 words would you use to describe yourself? crazy, mom, fun
4. Who do you look up to most and why? who don't i look up to!! i swear everyone has  amazing traits that i wish i could have. but my mom and sissy's mostly :)
5. How long has it been since you had a "sick" day? well i can't remember because i didn't take any when i was prego. i think back in high school i had the flu. YUCK
6. Tell your favorite memory from childhood. the go-cart.

Questions for you:
1. if you could chose any career what would it be?
2. what is your dream car? and your realistic dream car?
3. what was your favorite pet growing up?
4. what book series would you wish to play a character from, and what character?
5. Edward or Jacob? WHY?
6. facebook, instagram or twitter??

I TAG: Brittani, Brenda, Mallory, Judy, Kimi and Christina!!

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