3 months

On oct 10 Mitchell buddy was 3 months old! It's crazy how time flies!!! He has been sleeping terribly the past week or so. Crossing my fingers it's just a growth spurt. He rolls over from back to tummy the minute I set him down. He doesn't love his tummy time but is getting awesome at it! He loves baths, loves being swaddled loves his big sissy adores his daddy- he always has glitter all over his face/ hair- wearing 6 month clothes, size 1 or 2 diapers, loves his breast milk. Likes to poop, watches sports with his daddy. He is good at holding his head, loves his playmat, enjoys talking, and hazel loves to play with him. I constantly am finding things on him or her helping him. Hazel told me Mitchell was reading A book and when I look over she has teepeed a book over his face! She also tried to change his poopy diapers for me- she had his poopy diaper off of him when I came down stairs the other day! 

Hazel is hilarious- she is most recently potty trained and binkyless !!! And wears princess dresses non stop!!!

More updates to come


Erin and Zach said...

He is just too stinkin cute! Can't wait to see his Halloween costume! XOOX

Anonymous said...

Yes she is adorable!!XOXO

Hillary said...

What a cute little boy. So fun to see your family growing!