Hazel is 3!

Well on December 22 hazel turned 3!! So crazy! We had a princess birthday party with her friends that were still in omaha during the break: 

Belle came to her party! She was so excited!!!! Belle brought her a crown and wand! She read the kids a princess book and took pictures with each one and signed autographs!
Hazel at three years old is potty trained, loves dinosaur chicken nuggets, strawberry milk, absolutely adores her baby brother Maui, likes to pick out her own clothes but ALWAYS has to wear a princess dress over, night or day. Plays pretend a lot, loves her baby dolls and loves her new preschool she started. She also loves her dance class and gymnastics class oh and enjoys playing with friends.... All the time!
Love you princess sissy hazey pops

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party for Hazel--so Hazel!!!