Hazel does the darnedest things

Face painting at the childrens museum 
Trying to do moms eyelashes
Caught watching the iPad nakey 😂
We went to target like this
I got out of the shower to find an explosion- hazel had tried to make chef boyardee herself

My feet were hurting so she kindly bandaged me up
Hazel wanted to face paint her and daddy's face
Church is more relaxing with your feet up ;)

My sweet hazel keeps me on my toes. Her spunky personality never leaves a dull moment and I try to make sure to not  tone down her spunk!


Erin and Zach said...

Oh my goodness! Look at her face by the microwave. I love it! Love all the pics. She's so spunky and I am so grateful you let her thrive. She is just one of my most favorite humans! Love her!!

Anonymous said...

She is really absolutely creative and spontaneous and joyful and beautiful!! I enjoy every picture!!