Sometimes, okay actually very rarely, I get to be my best friends labor and delivery nurse! I got my schedule all fixed up to go in for her induction on a Wednesday morning.... Well her water broke Tuesday night so we switched things up a bit 😂😂😂 
I got her to take some laps and bounce on the ball for a bit- but then we were all in for the epidural! It was such an amazing experience- such a sweet spirit in the room as Chelsea and spencer welcomed their baby girl Goldie!!! I can't find a picture of Goldie and I but I will! 

Also, did I mention that Chelsea and I have known each other since Jason and I were first married.. They lived across the parking lot in 5th avenue condos. Then we moved to Chicago with them for summer sales.. Went our separate ways for a couple years and ended up back on Omaha together the past three years.

Chels has been such a blessing in my life- she watched my kiddos all three years while I worked- this is a key she had to my house and the day she gave it back I cried. Like a baby. Knowing she wouldn't have a key to my house and be over every day. 
She got me this Alex and ani friendship bracelet for Christmas. And we send each other pictures of them when we miss each other. 

Oh and last weekend, they were driving home from a family reunion and they got to stop AND STAY WITH US IN NAPA!!!!!!!! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of anyone but for realsies. I even got to do her lashes! 

Chels thanks for letting me be apart of Goldie girls birth and apart of your family's lives. 😘

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