Mocktail Party!

This New Years Eve i really wanted to have a party! just a few people, so we could actually have something clean and fun to do on new years eve! Thanks to my cousins idea we themed the party 'MOCKTAIL' it was so much fun! we have mock cocktails, with virgin pina coladas, virgin margaritas, and virgin cosmopolitans. All of us had super cool cups, even with the little umbrellas you put in fancy drinks!!! we ate, drank, and played tons of games! oh ya we also had a ROOTBEER KEG! It was such a fun party! here are some pics thanks to Anna: Anna, Kimi(NEWLY ENGAGED YAYYy) and i

I was bartending all night!! haha and this is my cousin KIMI's Fiance Craig! Can't wait for APRIL 18th!


april kennedy said...

Love the theme! That was my favorite when I read it too! Happy New Year...Happy 2009!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making life so much fun! We sure enjoyed having you and your sweet Jason Home!!

katie said...

Fabulous idea.