a wedding to remember..

today was such a beautiful sunny chilly day in Utah. Family flew in for all over and it was a day to remember. It started at 1 at the Mt. Timpanogas Temple when walked in the beautiful Mallory and Mark. the sealing was so sweet... about 1:30 they were officially Mr. and Mrs. Mark Wagner- later that evening was the reception! It was A BLAST! the reception place was adorable and then there was a dancing room, and a candy table and CREPES! yes crepes!!! it was so much fun and i am so excited for this new beginning for my cousins mark and mallory! We love hanging out with them and now that they are finally married hopefully we can hang out all the time! we will let them call us when they are ready to start hanging out again ;) congrats mr and mrs. wagner. look at these too cute wedding favors!

look at the candy! all purple and gray (their colors) it was so yummy!

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Brittani said...

i notice there are no more gummy fruits... i am craving those