why I can't wait for summer..

So in order to solidify this log as jason and devyn's.. i am trying hard to get jason to do a blog post.. but in the mean time. life is crazy took a two hour anatomy lab mid term today.. at least the semester is over half-way over!! now just 3 more tests till i will be back in napa for a few days doing lots of hair! thurs 18, friday 19th and saturday the 20th i will be taking appointments! lemme know when you want and what you want! oh but most importantly i can't wait for summer... i keep dreaming of all the things i will be able to do with my time, like get a second job (hehe)
i want to go to disneyland!

I want to go to the beach!

I will be doing lots of shopping!

maybe get a cute puppy... ? or at least go home so i can play with emma and lulu

i want to make this cute skirt- and some other clothes!

i would love to learn to use fondant to make a pretty cake!

and maybe think about planning to wear a labor looks gown someday!!!!

i can't wait!


Kreg and Anna said...

So by wearing a labor looks gown do meanyou want to get preggers this summer or you will be wearing one this summer?

Katie Petersen said...

Amen to the question above. I can't wait for summer either!

Erin and Zach said...

yay for you and finishing those tests! Can't wait to see you soon. Pencil me in for Friday or saturday--bang cut and highlight touch up;) ?!

And let's hope Anna's fist thought is right over the second one, MISSY. And good luck getting Jason to post ;)

Love you!

Cathy said...


Devyn Pickett said...

Hahaha not wearing one this summer- thinking about trying hehehe I knew I'd get comments!!! Katie I'm so excited
for a little tagg running around tehehe!! Erin yes very excited

Brittani said...

the cake looks amazing. that excites me more than trying to get pregnant. Just call me when you do- don't tell me about the trying. :)

{april kennedy} said...

Hey Devyn,

I need my hair done while you are home! Root touch won't believe how grey I am already. sucks. I am getting old. Anyway...Friday is the only day that won't work for let me know if you have some time Thursday or Saturday and also I need some shampoo & conditioner too if you can get some. Text me and we can talk. Thanks!