stuck in the airport.

NOTE: pictures first (that have nothing to do with the post) so you don't have to read the whole post

Missing baby Dean already

The last package i sent zach, he said he was running low on treats, i hope i didn't cause the appendicitis.
Lets see, this week has been a whirlwind of excitement. tuesday and wednesday i was in Napa doing hair, from 730 am to 1030 pm. i did manage to squeeze a few hours in with Dean and of course the rest of my family! wednesday night i arrived in chicago.. er i guess thursday morning around 2 am. Thursday we picked up mom and dad from the airport and the graduation weekend began. as we were checking into our hotel in Chicago, mom got a call from the MTC. I didn't know who it was but became very concerned when mom began crying. she got off the phone and we learned that zach may have to have his appendix out. They said the Elder would call if he was going to have surgery or the MTC would call tomorrow to let us know he was okay. about 7 PM mom says "i guess he's not having surgery since we haven't heard from him" around 730 PM we were in the Apple store (oh yes on top of it all iphone is broken) and mom gets a call from zach. he is already hooked up to the IV and they are prepping for surgery. I got to talk to him and im sure the Apple store guy thought i was crazy as I was crying telling zach i Loved him and hope everything goes well and i missed him. (no they can't fix my phone, and no i can't upgrade..) so the surgeon called us after the surgery to let us know everything went well and zach would be calling. Zach got to call again and says it was a good thing i wasn't in town so i wouldn't be able to sneak into his hospital and visit him hehe. he wasn't supposed to have visitors. we then got to call again in the morning to make sure everything went well. everything went well and as far as we know zach is doing great! im so proud of my lil bro!! he's awesome! It was so fun getting to hear his voice. Im not sure why i thought it would sound different, but it was just same ol' zachy :) then friday we played, and ate dinner at a really good (YUCK) restaurant. i can't remember even what it was but i do remember dad's head was sweating so much because the food was so spicy, and nasty! saturday we had the opportunity to attend Erin's graduation and hooding ceremony at the University of Chicago. It was actually a very nice graduation. Then there was a reception with lots of food, and then there was a grad party with her friends. and then mom and i snuck off to anthropologie and made it just in time for our amazing dinner!! well yes and now to my lovely sunday, spending it in the O'Hare airport in Chicago. Of course the one time i decided to fly any airline besides Southwest, everything is a mess. See if i will ever do that again. No thanks American Airlines.... i got to my gate 12 minutes before my plane left and they had already given my seat away. super cool. so now i am standby on every flight out of here today, the next two are overbooked. we will see. at least i paid for internet- and then found out they offer free wifi if you go ask the counter for the password.... thats my day. but i am looking forward to seeing my sweet husband and being back in provo for a couple weeks :)


Ron, Ashley, Ethan and Addison said...

Oh no, stuck at an airport... and I'm a little nervous about the whole i-phone thing... I think Addie sucking on your phone and dropping it multiple times may have something to do with this?!?!? You are such a good Auntie! XOXO I miss you.

Mamawags said...

So sorry you're stuck!! We all had a good laugh when looking at what you sent Zach and then wondering if you caused the appendicitis!! :D You are too funny! I hope you get home soon and safe!

Cathy said...

Oh Devyn you will the prize for today--I will get something in the mail this week- or as soon as I figure out what to send!! You are amazing--keep that smile on your face!! I love you sweet daughter!!

Brittani said...

LOVE YOU DEVYN! thanks for the post. we sure miss you.