baby Dean.

As i sit here thinking about my newest nephew baby Dean... just two days old, i decided to write zWAG a letter. Its almost been a whole month zach has been at the MTC, and he barely missed baby Dean. when zach gets home, dean will almost be two. that is crazy to think about. maybe zach will see baby dean before then.. hehe. i can't wait to hold baby D next week!! i am so excited for cory and katie and their newest addition!!! i had to change my facebook 'about me' section to 'i love my nieces and favorite nephew.' to 'i love my nieces and nephews' since there are two nephews now!!! i hope he likes ice cream and PB&J's because i can't wait till he can go in the jumpy houses and eat ice cream with auntie devyn. but for now i can't wait to hold him and cuddle with him and give him kisses and buy him cute boy clothes!!!! well. i think i will finish writing elder wagner his letter. he loves letter, especially from lets see how many letters he can get on friday! go to dear elder. com and write him a letter from thursday at 12 PM to friday at 11:59 am. his address is Elder Zachary Wagner #147 (mailbox) TX-FTW (mission code) 0706 (expected departure date) YAY lets get zach a ton of letters!!! xoxo


{april kennedy} said...

Count us in!!

Brittani said...

do they deliver on saturdays?