"Come what may and Love it"

I absolutely love this quote as it can describe everything. be positive and love everything that happens in life. This morning I was able to go here:

possibly in hopes of 'running' in to him:

I did not run into him but saw some of who were probably his friends. the peace that is felt in this holy place is unreal. I have to make important decisions regarding school and know that i can have the lord's help in making these decisions.
I miss him. I know he is happy. I get to hear from him today. tomorrow he will have been at the MTC for 3 weeks.


Brittani said...

dont keep trying to run into him! but i guess if it gets you to the temple then that is ok.

Cathy said...

I am right there with you Devyn--you are so sweet--thanks for all you do and know that you will make all the right decisions because you are going to all the right places!!

Devyn Pickett said...

hey if you lived in provo you would hope to run into him everytime you went to the temple!!! its not like i sit in the parking lot or even in the temple waiting to see him. hehe just hoping. and i haven't gone any more than i normally go hehe