waiting for a letter..

So i have already sent zach 2 letters one with a package.. and when do i get to hear back from him.. i really want to know how the weather is there at the MTC.. hehe. anyways it is so nice to have this break from school it's like i don't know what to do with all my free time.. i can't shop all the time!! last night after jason took me on a date to pizza factory we came home and watched the Blind Side! Hands down the sweetest movie i have seen in a long time i LOVE it! i already asked jason if we can watch it again tonight :)! tonight i am going to try to make a fancy dinner for my husband for no special reason.. did i mention that i am going to play mom for a whole week next week to my sweet addie girl... in Anaheim.. and possibly spend a night at disneyland..and next week will be the two year anniversary of being proposed to at disneyland!!!


Brittani said...

soooo cute picture! I need to send zach a letter too.

Cathy said...

You know- you can just check your Iphone to see what the weather is at the MTC! TeeHee back at ya!! I love you Devyn!!

Anonymous said...

try for recipes. it's an awesome site run by a lady who lives on a cattle ranch in oklahoma! she has tons of fun, yummy recipes with step-by-step instructions and pictures. just click the 'cooking' tab at the top :) she's also published a cookbook! have fun cooking!

and congrats on your proposeversary!