Anaheim trip!


Last week I had the amazing opportunity to fly out to Anaheim to babysit my cute niece Addie while Ash was at a conference. I was able to find a steal of a deal on a 2 day disneyland hopper pass!! The trip became even more fun when i found out the in-laws would be in Anaheim for a dental convention!! and would be going to Disneyland!! Wednesday we were able to go out to dinner with auntie Barbara and Uncle Bob!!! thanks so much!!

Thursday i took Addie in the day to Disneyland and met up with M&D pickett! and they helped me take Addie girl on some rides! (She didn't like too many hehe) and they watched Addie while ash and I got to go on some rides It was SO FUN! (i didn't get any pics of them!!)

Then we had a fabulous dinner at the Story Teller's Cafe in the Grand Californian hotel!!! thanks!!!! :)
Friday Addie girl and I went and walked around a shopping area and then we got to meet up with Uncle John for Lunch at CPK! Thanks uncle John!!!! we had such a fun time and Addie loved playing with him especially in the fountain!

Lucky for me that M&D pickett were at Disneyland because ashley took Addie for the night on friday and I got to stay out super late at disneyland riding rides with them!!!! Dad pickett even waited in the long line of space mountain with me so we could ride it at Midnight!! then we got treats at blue ribbon cafe! MMmmm.... lucky for me that there was one shuttle left that i made it in time for (i owe you $ for that dadpick!!)Saturday we headed back home but i had a little layover in Phoenix and britt picked me up and i did her hair really quick then she took me back i tried to get a good picture of Ryann but she kept hiding behind her leg!

Thanks to all who made my trip so wonderful!! I had the BEST trip it was so fun to play mom to Addie girl for a few days.. and no it didn't make me want babies any less :)


Cathy said...

Such cute pictures-what a fun family filled vacation!

Brittani said...

I was waiting for this post! I love it. you are the best for doing my hair on a layover!

Ron, Ashley, Ethan and Addison said...

I loved, loved our vacation. Thanks Auntie Devyn and everyone who made our trip so great!