meeting NieNie

my adventure with meeting Stephanie Nielson began last Tuesday morning as i was walking from security to my gate (thanks Southwest, always the last gate) and i was walking behind the cutest couple. she was wearing sevens and a striped top with a Marc Jacobs bag and he- holding her hand and in the other hand had a 'yachting' magazine. i walked all the way to the same gate as them and as they sat down i saw her. yes it truly was her. i got out my phone and the first person i called was a dear friend/client April. Every time i do her hair she asks if i had seen or met NieNie yet.. i never had until now!! i left her a message and called my mom and sisters.. then i realized my camera was out of batteries so if i wanted a picture with her i better go get some batteries! i went to the news stand and bought some batteries. our flight then started boarding. i got on the plane before they did and sat close to the back so i could see where they would sit. after noticing that they sat in row 7, i snuck up and sat right behind them in row 8. i still could not get up the courage to talk to her. they are so in love and you could tell the whole flight she had he head on his shoulder and his arm around her they didn't get anything to drink on the flight. when we landed i turned off my phone and had gotten a text from April "I have chills..wish her luck call me asap." then as we were getting off the plane i thought to myself it's now or never.. so i ran to catch up with her and yelled, "Stephanie." they turned around and i said "i just want you to know that you are such an inspiration and i can't believe i am meeting you and good luck today.." (i began to tear up.. i think it's a nervous habit, when im really nervous i cry..) she then gave me a hug and asked me my name, and where i was headed, i told her Disneyland and she replied "i wish i was going there instead" and then i asked if i could take a picture of her and Mr. Nielson offered to take it, then i said good luck and she said have fun and they both said it was so nice to meet you. and then we went our separate ways and then i was back calling April again! I can't tell you enough what a neat experience it was to meet this survivor, this mom, this incredible lady all that she has been through and all that she will have to go through, and to see her outlook on life is so inspiring. They were such genuine people and wanted to know about me and where i was going and hugged me and were so sweet. i am so glad i got to meet Stephanie Nielson and Mr. Nielson.
more to come on my disneyland trip!

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Ron, Ashley, Ethan and Addison said...

I sent her two gowns today and wished her luck on her upcoming surgeries... I had so much fun with you last week!!! I miss you!