Sister Frye, BFF's since 9.19.88

When people would ask us how long we had been best friends, we would look at each other and tell them since Devyn was born (9.19.88), since christiney was born before me how could we had been best friends before then- well now that we are older and wiser, im pretty sure we were friends long before september 19th 1988 (in HEAVen!). We have gradually grown apart, but when we see each other it's like we never missed a beat. Since she has left on her misison (may 26th) we have been better friends than ever. Writing lots of letters and i recently got to go visit her!! She is loving every minute of her mission. I'm so proud of Christine. She's an awesome sister missionary too! oh and the most stylish i have ever seen ;)

(i look a bit chub in this pic, well i've started weight watchers, more to come on that)


Cathy said...

Oh Devyn~what a cute post. Two beautiful girls!! And both working so hard to share and live the gospel in their life!! I love you and I love our CHristiney!!

Brittani said...

happy BFFs! What sweet girls you both are. thanks for the fun post! ps- i love your background for the blog!