Gym Etiquette

This morning I went to a power pump class at the gym. I was very irritated for most of the time because everyone was so squished in there. I got there plenty early and set my place up and had my little area while it began to get smaller and smaller even after the class had started. I like spin class, because there are only so many bikes and thats it, you're out of luck, come earlier next time, but this class.. it was like how many people can we possibly squish into this room. and then, the lady sooooo close next to me, didn't have enough equipment because she was so late, so she keep asking to borrow mine... hello?!! i need to do the things and use my own equipment. hmm.. maybe we shouldn't come to the class if we don't have enough of the right stuff, i wish they would put a limit on the non spin classes. Also, there was this girl right infront of me who was doing her own workout the entire time. okay usually you come to a class to participate, don't take up room. so once the class was over i leave and go over to ride the bike for a bit, when i saw it, this girl riding a bike,she had her tank folded up like it was a sports bra, but obviously it wasn't because it was folded (no matter how skinny you are, your stomach still looks retarded when you are riding a bike...)and i know i gave her this disgusted look... oopsies... but the next time i glanced over her shirt was back down. The gym is the best place to people watch, you find some of the most absurd outfits, unflattering clothing, perfectly polished girls, and weird smells. why is it the gym is one of my favorite places to be then. ha. does anything bother you at the gym??


Brittani said...

i like the labels. i haven't been to a gym in a long time! i love my hiking.

Chuck and Julie Browne said...

That's why I choose to go to another gym, Golds is so over crowded and you have those annoying girls that come dressd like they are going clubbin'. ANNOYING! I also hate when people come in late. It's like hello?! the class started at 9 and you mosey in at 9:20? No, leave.

Chelsea said...

I hate when classes are too crowded too. AND there are always so many done up girls with fresh make up and hairspray on. Really? Getting all cute and ready to go work out and get sweaty!? Only in Utah.