you know you do hair when..

You know you do hair when everywhere you look you see levels and tones and roots and all different colors, not just blonde, brown, red and black. Six years ago, if i would have seen a very blonde haired girl i would have thought, "wow, she has very blonde hair" 3 years ago if i were to look at the same hair i would have thought "hmm, she definitely has like a level 12 hair color, with level 5 roots." Well, i saw a very very blonde girl today and in my head i though, "Her hair has no pigment left, i wonder what color she was to begin with, maybe black, ugh then whoever did her hair had to put through all the reds and oranges and yellows to finally get to the level she is at now, with little natural pigments remaining , well they probably should have toned her hair with a violet based color to remove some of that yellow, or maybe a blue based to remove some of that orange, well they should have just toned with an N in Shades because it has a blue/violet base. yeah a 9N that would've worked and looked a whole lot better.." Thanks Renaissance and a fabulous color teacher KA. Check out the school i teach for, we are pretty amazing.


Brittani said...

so proud of you!

Cathy said...

Uh-- YOU are pretty amazing!!