4H camp baby shower

Thanks to my AMAZING 4H friends who threw a surprise BABY/BRIDAL shower for me (the baby portion) and Krista (the bridal portion) It was an absolute SURPRISE and it made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Sometimes, while being so hormonal,I haven't felt pretty or lucky, or have forgotten my own self-worth. Well, it's times like a 4h camp baby shower than I have been quickly been put back into my place remembering that this is a time of excitement and that people do care for and love me and that it is okay to have zits, extra weight, be lazy and tired and grumpy for once because i am growing a precious baby girl. I just got the CUTEST gifts! including some homemade knit booties!!! I can't believe how fun it is already to get such girly things :)
It is also great experience to see how much people care about you when you are pregnant. Thanks to my mom, my sissy's and some great friends for love, support, and all my maternity clothes! I feel so blessed to have amazing people in my life who are there for me. Most recently i was able to catch up with these two who so lovingly passed some maternity clothes along- as well as gave great cloth diapering/baby
wearing advice. It just keeps getting more exciting, and more expensive ;)

(thanks J for the pic) XOXO

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Mama Mills said...

youre welcome mama!! Im so glad I could help... you looked SO fantastic as always and are going to be SUCH an amazing mother!