It's a GIRL!

Yes it sure is!!! I was fooled, Jason was fooled, and so were the voters on the side bar! We are in az and we found a place to go get a gender ultrasound- so it was brittani Jason rich ryann cara and me of course, we went in and within two minutes she said there is no mistaken you are having a girl!!!!!! Our little girl was very very cooperative and we could see right away from every angle she was really a she! Ryann thought it was so fascinating that she could see auntie devyns baby in here belly on the big screen it was so cute! Of course there were tears- when is there not when you are preg? Ha! After we left brittani said before the lady told us it was a girl she could already tell it was too! Jason and I couldnt be more excited and yes I did purchase one thing.... A onesie that says "daddy's little princess" cant wait to meet her!!


{april kennedy} said...

I just got chills!!! Yippee. But I would have gotten chills for a boy too.

You will have so much fun with a baby girl and she will most definitely become daddy's little princess.

Matt and Melissa said...

Congrats! How exciting! Girls are so much fun!

Mama Blogger said...

I knew it!! Congrats!

Our Birdiful Family! said...

Congratulations!! You are going to be an awesome Mom! I know you'll be teaching her all the skills she needs to play volleyball :)