Dear Baby Hazey, i cannot believe you are already 4 months. looking back it has gone so quickly but sometimes during the day it feels like forever already ;) I am finally really adjusting and absolutely LOVING my new life as a mommy to you my sweet daughter! i had such unrealistic perfect expectations as a mother and have now come to realize i learn as i go- everyday we both learn new things! it is so much fun to see you grow and do new things all the time. you roll over both from tummy to back and back to tummy but never when we want to show people. you are always at least on your side now. you turn circles on the ground. you are still a great sleeper (most nights: 9-630, 7-9) and enjoy your time under your play mat, in your bumbo, or infront of the mirror. you laugh a lot- you laugh whenever we take off your clothes, you like to make noises (tooting noises) with your mouth and blow lots of spit bubbles! everything goes straight to your mouth and you love your wubbanub doggy binky. you can pull your binky out and put it back in your mouth the right way (some/most of the time.) you still have only ever had breast milk and we are planning on not introducing any foods until your 6 months! you are wearing 3-6 months clothes and in size 2 diapers. you love to shop with mom and you are enjoying your ergo. you don't like to be as tight in the moby wrap as much anymore. you are really loving your baths and i Love rocking you every night to bed. people always tell me its a horrible habit to have to break but i guess ill learn the hard way because while i have the time, i want to rock you as long as possible! I love being your mom and i LOVE how much you have taught me and continue to teach me. thank you baby hazey pop. i LOVE YOU love your mommy.


Erin and Zach said...

She is SO sweet and SO cute. I cannot wait to see her again soon. You are such a great Mommy - why else would your baby girl be smiley and giggly all the time?! Love you both SO much!

megan and sam said...

Devyn! This is SUCH a cute post. I love the outfits you put her in for the monthly pictures. Did you get a kit with those stickers in it?