rain in our condo.

Last week at about 4 am Jason woke up to what he thought was rain outside...he got up to look out the window and it was not raining outside. he heard rain in our water heater closet, opened it up and sure enough it was pouring in our closet... he was immediately on the phone with his parents, then the HOA and then an emergency plumber. the carpet started to be soaking. by this time we were all awake and all had shoes on! the plumber arrived pretty quick and what we thought was a burst pipe or something from our place turned out to be the water heater from the condo above us. well, the place above us is vacant.. so they plumber gently broke in and shut off their water which they had throughout their whole place too. they brought in big fans to our place and ripped out the whole hallway of carpet.. and then had to cut a hole in the ceiling to allow it to dry out. we just have really great luck like last year when the foundation was leaking water and mud from this post so since we are moving in two weeks they will wait to recarpet the place when we are gone. so we have a cement hallway. woohoo. no but really we are excited to be starting a new chapter of our lives.. more on that to come later!

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