Torn up house.

Last week, it was pouring and pouring here in Provo- and the carpet in our room began to feel soggy, until it was soaking through socks.... YUCK! We called our HOA and they came, ripped out the wall and carpet, sucked up all the water, left HUGE fans (that will probably triple our electric bill) and told us to let it dry out before they could do anything else..a couple days later they put a temporary seal on the foundation of our condo letting us know there was a crack in the foundation where water and mud were leaking through. a couple days after that they sealed the foundation for good. then the next day they came to replace the padding in our carpet and clean the carpets when they found it was STILL wet, so they ripped out the baseboards and ripped more carpet up and told us to keep the fans going for two more days... now we are at tomorrow.. when they are supposed to come clean all our carpets, and put new padding under the carpet in our room. and then they need to wait until it rains again to see if the foundation is leaking before they can put the new wall back up... which means at least next week until we get the drywall repaired.. why does it always have to be so drawn out?! well, right now all my clothes and shoes are all over the living room and we are staying in the guest bedroom.. i sure hope its a speedy rest of the process! But on a happier note- whenever we would get discouraged or frustrated with it- i just remind jason that life is 90% of how you react to it and this was just a fun little campout in the other room for a while! just an adventure that will be funny looking back- so why not laugh now! :)

The hole in our wall, with baseboards all removed too.

and here is all my clothes all over the table- oh and my shoes on the kitchen counter. haha!


Cathy said...

Yes!! Clothes on the kitchen table--that means it's out to dinner and lunch AND breakfast-- ha! Like a campout--you are your father's daughter!! Sweet!! Enjoy XOXO!

Chelsea said...

Oh no!!!!

Brittani said...