Lazy Weekend

Maybe if i post my todo list for the weekend on my blog i will feel more responsible- well lets hope for the best. Over this memorial day weekend here is my todo list:
- Make my drug flash cards for my psych class
- Do 3 psych care plans
- Do my book report on A Child Called It (what a sad book)
- Go to the gym saturday and monday (and on a walk on sunday-too rainy!!)
- Visit teach
- lashes done on monday
- look for a new couch/decor for the house, clean out my closet or put it back together (our wall started leaking again, carpet wet again.. ugh!)
- buy some flowers to plant in my empty flower pot
Obviously those top 3 are very important and now i am just thinking of other things to fill in the rest. haha. well so far today i have gotten breakfast in bed (thanks Babes) we went to the temple, i came home took a couple hour nap, blogged, facebook stalked.. ya ya wasted a bunch of time, so now- i will get up and get on with my day. hello 2:30.

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Rocio Lewis said...

hey this is Rocio!! i think is a good idea to put a todo list on your blog!! i might do the same.