Back to school back to school..

My last summer semester.... at least for my RN schooling, and thats all i'm thinking about for now. One year left. three semesters, but i'm pretty sure summer will go by quick- because it will be so busy. At least we were able to go home from May 5th-12th. It was such a great trip. Lots of eating at amazing restaurants, shopping, doing hair/eyelashes/brazilian blowouts, seeing friends and lots of Family! being with my mom's on mothers day and talk to my Elder Wagner. He sounds so good- i'm so proud of him! He's amazing! I didn't take a single picture while i was home but did steal this one from my sissys blog

Katie, Jason, Devyn, Erin, Cory and Dean! dinner at the Oxbow.. yumm..
now we are back to reality catching up on cleaning and sleep. I had to make a very hard decision this past week and because of certain circumstances I put in my two weeks at the hospital. I was scheduled to work every single weekend this entire summer because i had to keep up 24 hrs a week and it was conflicting too much with school, my other job, church and time with my sweet husband that i feel it was for the best. Besides i love my job at the hair school too much to ever give that up!! its a lot cleaner, it smells better, i get to wear cuter clothes, work with people i ADORE, and do something i LOVE. I figure ill have forever to work at a hospital :). well I don't think i need to justify it other than, working 40+ hours a week and full time nursing school = no fun. I am already happier. It was a great experience though. My last day at work is may 23rd. and Jason is just 3.5 short weeks away from taking the DAT. he is so disciplined and studies very diligently EVERY SINGLE DAY! and on his last practice he did so well! His first practice he ever took was a score of 18 and this most recent was a 20. All his studying is paying off. way to go hubs. Thats all for now- life is good. GO SHARKS!


Brittani said...

yeah! so excited for all the fun adventures

Matt and Melissa said...

I'm glad you get to have a little more time now that you work at one job instead of two. Sounds like a lot of exciting things are coming your way! Only one more year of school! Woohoo!

Cathy said...

Yipee!! XOXO!!

Mama Blogger said...

Go Jason! It was great to see you while you were here, Devyn!