Omaha visitors

My parents came to Omaha to visit! It was so much fun! They came on Saturday 9/29 and stayed until that Wednesday and they left in the morning and then I left in the night for Cali! (They were headed out to Chicago for a work conference) anyways.. Sunday we went to church and then played- made dinner walked around village green met some of our friends and neighbors..
Monday we went to the zoo! The omaha zoo is a must! it is such an amazing zoo- Then met Jason for lunch and then they toured the dental school it is always fun to go see where Jason is all day and his seat and friends in his class. Then we went to the mall by dads request haha! Only because he needed new tennis shoes. Tuesday we did some church history and the kainesville tabernacle very cool history there we didn't have time to make it to the temple visitors center because I had orientation for my new j o b! That's right! More details to come later on that. But they watched hazel pop while I went there and then we went to this fancy schmancy steak house for dinner it was delicious!!! I am sure I am forgetting about something because it was jammed packed and lots of fun! Thank you so much mom and dad for coming out and dad for hanging things up for me and mom for my beautiful new bathroom drapes. We love having visitors and showing them how great Omaha and village green are! I am loving where we live. Seriously- it's probably good my expectations were set so low because they have been well exceeded !

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Anonymous said...

What a great place the Village is-- and the people make it!! We had so much fun meeting your neighbors and re-meeting Em and Nick!! Thanks for having such a great time with us!! Love to Hazey!!