21 months

Silly little sassy pants is getting so big! This is the last picture I have of hazey with her binky... (It stays in the crib now!) she's been doing great. Even though every morning she says "binky come?" And I remind her binky stays so she drops it and says "bye bye binky" it's pretty cute how she asks every day though.
She picked out some jake underwear.. We are not ready to potty train but are trying to get her excited to wear undies!

Some of her favorite things train rides at valas pumpkin patch with mommy, swinging leaning forward, and feeding herself a Mac and cheese.

We watched a pig race at the pumpkin patch the other day and now she likes to call out "suuuuueyy" to call for the piggies.

Oh and several times throughout the day she asks to cuddle mommy <3 melt my heart. We snuggle and watch bubble guppies, magic school bus, or curious George. (Her latest favorites) 

We turned her forward facing in her car seat and she loves being able to see more. 

I love my little hazey

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Anonymous said...

I love your Hazey too!!! XOXO