Hazel updates

It's about time! since i haven't posted an update since she was 16 months and now almost 21 months. oops.. {doesn't that usually happen with the second child, not the first!}

i think she weighs about 24lbs
*size 4 diapers
*size 18 mo, 24 mo and some 2t clothes.
*wears size 4-5 shoes.

*11 teeth working on the last molar and {vampires} k9 teeth.
*jumps off the ground
*obsessed with the playground (slides and swings)
*likes to run into the street (to get to the playground) the second we let her outside
*becoming a pro at time-outs from running in the street

*asks for 'hand' so she can go to the park (she is learning she HAS to hold hands)
*she was helping me push her stroller and i gave her a flat tire and she said "i sorry mommy"
*folds her arms and says amen
*asks for kisses after we say prayers

*loves taking the sacrament at church but always tries to get another piece of bread and keep the cup
*enjoys singing (twinkle twinkle, ABC's, sleeping beauty theme song, Jake theme song, Hot dog (mickey mouse), old macdonald, I am a child of God,...)

*common phrases "i wanna touch it" "i hold you" "i watch TV" "binky down" "Hi mommy, daddy home??" "hi house, hi car, hi tree, hi flower,....."
*recognizing shapes says "trigangle" (square, circle, star, heart)
*can count to 10
*teething sucks
*does great when i take her to the gym daycare, and loves going to nursery at church
*takes one nap usually around 12 for a couple hours
*bed 7-8, wakes up 7-8

*can pretty much say any word we say. she loves to talk and loves to identify everything she sees.
*blows the best kisses
*enjoys fake sneezing, coughing and sleeping
*likes to "tickle" which includes sticking her finger in my belly button and me pretending to laugh {has been saying "tickle mommy"}
*obsessed with the "Tummy" song from YoGabaGaba.

*she's been saying "Daddy at school" 
*we are binky weaning. first night, she screamed for 45 minutes and then we caved, second night she screamed for 20 minutes and fell asleep and tonight she screamed for 45 minutes and we caved. she has not had it during the day at all though so thats been better.. but i noticed her sucking her fingers so we may just keep it for naps and night a little longer so she doesn't pick up finger sucking :)

*favorite foods: mac n cheese, pizza, eggos, chips, milk, juice, treats, medicine{she asks all the time}, cookie, Popsicle. {obviously we are super healthy! ha!} she also enjoys grapes, apples, applesauce and peas.

I know I am missing a ton, but i guess i will just have to do hazel updates more regularly from now on!

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