Happy Halloween

We love the mickey at Valas!
Creighton women dental alliance puts on a halloween parade at the dental school every year. This was Hazel dressed up as Cinderella.
Jason and I at our friends Halloween party. Hazel was asleep so we just got to partay!
Just drinking some root beer :)
We had one last hurrah at Vala's today as it closed today. I will have to have a tribute post to valas. ha.
Hazel wanted to dress as Minnie mouse today for halloween.. so at Vala's shes a jumping Minnie
She's becoming quite to little poser
Jason took Hazel out trick-or-treating while i stayed at home and passed out candy. Our good friends thought it would be funny to put an apple and a carrot in their candy bowl, all night, no one took it, until Hazel arrived. She was pleased as punch to grab that carrot and hold it all night! until she found the smarties!
Package from Grandma!! we are so spoiled!

I hope everyone had a happy, safe, fun Halloween. Post to come: Grammy and Popsie come to Omaha!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I just miss her so much!! She is adorable and we cannot wait until we play!! XOXO !!