Grammy and Popsie come to town

🔛this past week, sunday to wednesday we were super lucky and had visitors!!!! Grammy and popsie came to town and spoiled us. and, i.cant.believe.i.didn' i'm so sad/mad. because we seriously had so much fun. and thank you for watching Hazel while I slept and got some clinical hours done! and for a shopping buddy ;) and breakfast/lunch/dinner dates. The trip was far too short, but we are so glad we get to come home for Thanksgiving and see you!!
I do have one picture of Jason, Hazel and I at the pumpkin patch when we took grammy and popsie, but it was raining, but it was still a blast!!!
Oh wait, I found one. At Jason's intramural football game hazel was playing catch with popsie!
Stylin little h pops playing some football, practicing for turkey bowl.

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