Funny happenings

Hazel has been enjoying waking up extra early the past few days, and the other morning bright and early  we were looking out the window at all the snow we got -and she turned to me and said "I watch the mouse in the tree mom!" At first I was so confused until I saw a squirrel in the tree closest to us. I couldn't help but laugh and say "that's a squirrel" she just replied "I like the squirrel mom and the mouse" 

Today when I picked up Hazel from nursery at church, The leader asked if I wanted her picture she colored, I said of course! But then he said "she bit off the corner of it and then told us she broke her paper" hahahahaha 
Hazel then pointed to the corner of her paper and said "I break my paper mom" all day long she proceded to talk about how she broke her paper and bit her paper. 
(Ill post a pic of it tomorrow!!)
Seriously she cracks me up. These are the little things i live for. 

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Erin and Zach said...

She is the best - seriously. I love that when I facetime, she is chilling, with her hat on backwards...miss you guys!