Our latest fun!

Zoo trip! 
Silly girl wanted to watch TV nakey on the floor
And then had me feed her eggies 
And then got a chair to the freezer and found her leftover ice cream. It was too cute to stop ;)

Oh, and yesterday morning, hazel came to wake me up, and she opened my eyelid and got real close and said "do you want to build a snowman?" 
Hahahaha it was the best wake up ever. She is too funny and loves her frozen. She is always princess Anna, daddy is Christoff and  I am either Elsa or Olaf. She won't let me be Sven.


Brittani Hamilton said...

in our house Ryann is Elsa, Cara is Anna, daddy is christoff, Mac is olaf, and I am the trolls. yup. the trolls

Anonymous said...

I get to be whoever I want -- does anyone want to come play Frozen with me?? XOXO