Sharing binkies

Thank you Hazel for sharing your binky with baby Mitchell!

I have been so bad at taking pictures lately, but some things Hazel has said done:
She is always telling us she needs her diaper changed and then will proceed to take her diaper off. So yesterday I put her on the potty and she pooped!!!! She got a present and then she told me she had to go again so I put her back on and she peed and then she got another present. She kept wanting presents so maybe she will continue a trend. I don't really want to fight potty training so hopefully if I let her do it on her own terms it will be easier ;)!

We are also attempting to get rid of her binky..... I think I need it more than she does!!! One night she went without and she finally fell asleep about 10pm and was up by about 530. Ugh. 

Chances are she will steal baby Mitchell's binky. Maybe Mitchell won't take a binky. What would I do?? Anyways back to work for me! 

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Anonymous said...

It is so fun that she is having fun with potty training...that is not the usual stories!!!