Annual Chicago road trip

What would our summer break be without a road trip to chicago!? After all, it's our 3rd year in a row! We left Friday after Mitchell's 2 week checkup and made it at about midnight. The kids did okay on the drive- a bit fussy... Anyways we made it and had a blast. We didn't go go bed until after 2 am that night we just wanted to play with Erin and Pete! But we eventually did- Saturday I was able to go to Erin's wedding dress fitting!!! She is stunning and going to be the most beautiful bride!!!!!! We walked around downtown for a while then headed home. We relaxed and got pizza that night. Sunday we relaxed and snuggled babies and ate more food! Monday morning we took our time, packed up and headed home. We got home about 8pm. I am so glad we got to go visit Erin and Pete and they got to meet Mitchell! Oh and hazel was so happy to have friends to play with. Thanks for spoiling us sissy! And Pete too!! We love you!! 
I didn't get too many pics -but these two were so cute snuggling!! 


Erin and Zach said...

We seriously had the best time with you guys in Chicago and I love that it has become an annual thing. Next year I can fly you guys out or we can come there!! It meant the world to me that you came out with Mitchell and Hazel (and Jason, of course). I loved meeting Mitchell and strengthening our bond with Hazel love. You have the sweetest, cutest kids and I love being close(r) to you! I hope you know you are welcome at our house ANY TIME. I love you guys so much (Pete does too - he likes to talk about how he and Hazel are really good friends).

Erin and Zach said...
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