The birth story

Here is the long version... Read at your own risk :) 

It was getting to the point where I was beginning to think id be pregnant forever! Every single shift I had been working, I had had deliveries that were due after me! It was just frustrating especially since id been having all the early labor signs for weeks, losing mucous plug, tons of painful contractions.... And many other discomforts that come with pregnancy. 

Wednesday July 9th I woke up just feeling so awful. Luckily I texted a neighbor and she took hazel for a couple hours while I could nap and cry away my pregnancy emotions. I also decided to take a long hot shower and wash my hair (that's a big deal if you only wash your hair 1-2 per week!!) I had an appointment that afternoon to get adjusted by my chiropractor as well as acupuncture induction. I did not think anything would come from the acupuncture but I was willing to try. They say It can and usually take 3-5 sessions that are done in consecutive days. So I Was planning on at least a few more sessions! 

That night I had to work, I had had a few contractions but nothing more than usual, and I had my second acupuncture induction session set up for the next morning. That night I had the opportunity of taking care of a wonderful couple during their delivery- the end was stressful but it all worked out perfectly- i took her up to recovery about 1 am, ate a delicious sandwich for lunch/dinner and then started to finish up my charting. I was sitting on a birthing ball next to one of my co-workers at the computer and really had to start breathing through contractions. She turned and said, are you timing these, because they seem like they are getting closer together. I started timing about 2:30 am and by 3:30 I had had 12 contractions. A new patient was coming in and when the lead came to talk to me about taking another patient I was in tears. She asked if I would just let her check me- I finally agreed. I clocked out at 3:34 and headed to room 5. Put my gown on and I was 5 cm. I was a 3 just a couple days prior. She asked if I was in a bearable amount of pain to go home or if I just wanted to be admitted. I just wanted to be admitted. 

 Contractions were 2-5 minutes apart So they gave me a fluid bolus to see if they would slow down or keep going. They kept going, even got closer. I felt bad waking Jason so I texted him "Jason" is all I wrote and literally 1 minute later his response "is it time?" I was shocked he woke up from a text. I then instructed him what to bring to the hospital. He brought the video monitor to the neighbor to watch hazel and came as soon as he could. 
(My contraction pattern- without pitocin!)

Once Jason got there- we walked the hall for a while, I bounced on the birthing ball for a while and tried many laboring positions. I was finally ready for my epidural and about 8 am I got it and was only 7cm at that time. For some reason it caused me so much anxiety and my pulse was skyrocketing! I got through that part and became incredibly comfortable. Shortly after my epidural, my amazing doctor came in to break my water. Mitchell's head was still pretty high so doctor waited and made sure the head was the first thing to come down. Oh and sure enough, nice meconium filled water.. Both hazel and Mitchell had meconium in their water. 0/2. 
Anyways, my dr had to go down and do some surgery but would be back up after to deliver. I snoozed in and out until about 1030ish when they checked me and I was complete/+2 (ready to push!!) After my nurse checked me I let the med and nursing student check me (I later found out that they were both pretty excited that I let them. ;)) My dr thought he'd be done about 11 so to hold off pushing. At 11:10 I started pushing and my sweet Mitchell was born at 11:21 am.
Picture with Dr. Besse

In the room was plenty of people. I had a nursing student, med student, paramedic student, the resident, my dr, a nurse and NP from nicu, my nurse, the baby nurse, my good friend Kallie and of course my Jason. It was a big party! He came out pretty limp and it scared me so bad. We did delayed cord clamping and they let me do skin to skin as soon as possible! He pinked up very nicely and I had no tears but we had to wait a few minutes for the placenta to deliver- which I did keep- (more on that later!) i started nursing Mitchell and got to keep him skin to skin uninterrupted for a good hour then they gave him his meds, weighed and measured:

9lbs 2oz 
21.5 inches long

I was a bit surprised he was so big but knew he was going to be bigger than hazel was! (She was 7lbs 5 oz) 
(Postpartum room with my queen bed)

I had called my mom early that morning and they were supposed to fly to utAh for a family reunion but switched their flights to omaha- they left at 6 am and didn't get to omaha until 1235 so they missed the birth but I was so grateful they were able to be out here for the next 9 days :)! 

I was able to go home on the 11th in the evening- so the next morning we had a weight check for Mitchell, he had dropped to 8lbs 8 oz so we scheduled another weight check for Monday 2 days later and he was up to 8lbs 15 oz 

Recovery has been better than with hazel (maybe I know more what to expect!)- I have no stitches and was not too sore.  Although my cramping was much worse and my nipples are much more sore- I think Mitchell is a barracuda and he wants to eat so much!!! Milk supply is great so far, knock on wood!!, and he is growing great. 

We are in love with out Mitchell Vincent Pickett! It's possible to love more than one child, just as much as the other one!!  

Side by side of Hazel and Mitchell❤️❤️

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Hillary said...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. How nice that you were already at the hospital. Mitchell is such a cutie. Enjoy your new family of 4!