On Saturday we headed to the park-since it was such a beautiful day!! Mitchell was so excited and ran to the play structure- climbed up.. Started to get a little close to the edge as I was walking over, the next thing I knew he was falling and landed flat on his back. He was crying and hard to console, so then I was crying and Hazel was in Lala land playing queen of the castle. I texted Jason that Mitchell had a bad fall. We hurried home from the park and I called the advice nurse who told me I needed to take him in right away to the ER. Jason got home and we headed out. We got to Children's hospital and they looked Mitchell over- watched us for a while and sent us home. He was still acting whiny and not using his arm too much. A couple hours later, we got a call from the dr telling us to come right back to the ER Mitchell had a fracture in his humerus. Wow- I am officially the worst mom ever.. And Mitchell is such a trooper. 

He looks like he only has one arm right now

Playing this morning! He has a sling and then an ace bandage wrapped around that. 
We follow up with a children's orthopedic surgeon this week to make sure we don't need surgery or anything else. Pray for Maui! 


Erin Wolf said...

Not even close to worst mom ever status. You are the best mom! Little kiddos fall and get hurt all the time! And Mitchell is such a tough little guy. I know it's hard but he is going to heal up good as new!! Love you guys - can't wait to see you! XOXO

Vernita said...

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