Erin comes to Omaha

in early March Erin came to Omaha to visit!! I can't believe I don't have any pictures of us!! But I did document Hazel getting her first manicure with auntie Erin!!! 

Oh and we enjoyed playing superheroes at the children's museum!
We played and spent quality time with Erin!!! Oh and we even went to my work one night to sneak a peak of baby Wolf!!! Or "Aladdin" as hazel is calling him! 

Eeeeeeek in other news... I can't believe my sissy is going to have a baby boy!!!!!!! Parenthood is one of the best things in life! She is going to be the BEST! 

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Erin Wolf said...

You're so sweet, Dev. Thanks for having me! It's very helpful watching you parent your kiddos - I was definitely taking mental notes!! Love and miss you guys so much. XO