Spring break in Texas!

Hazel has still been asking to go to aunt Suzanne's house and to play with her cousins Eli and Owen and aunt Suzanne's American girl dolls. And then she will ask if she can get an American boy doll haha! Is that even a thing?! She also tells me she wants a house as big as aunt Suzanne's! 
Thank you to aunt Suzanne and uncle Russ for letting us stay with you especially on such short notice!! 

We went to breakfast and the mall with some besties- the tenneys!!! They just left village green in November, so sad!! 

We went to a delicious Tex mex with  all the cousins, and the next day the Dallas children's museum! Which was awesome thanks Kimi and Craig for all the time you entertained us!! And Hazel loved holding hands with this sweet boy!!
Oh and Craig and Jason got to hit up a Dallas Mavericks game- lucky boys!! Such a fun trip!!!!!!

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