Baby #3


It's true. Baby #3 is on his way. Yes, HIS way. Little boy is growing big and strong. 16 weeks as of yesterday and maybe  mom is starting to get more energy. Definitely feel like I have a 25 week belly already not a 16. I guess the third time will do that to you. So far we like and agree on the name Clark. Luckily we have some time to decide. We also need to upgrade to a bigger vehicle *cough *cough VAN * cough *cough! A mommys dream car 😜 and we are excited that he will debut in Las Vegas! One in California, one in Nebraska, and now one in Nevada! I was so worried hazel was going to be so mad and upset when she found out it was a boy because she had been begging and insisting it was a girl, well I sat her down and told her it was going to be a boy and she responded with , "that's okay mom, I like boys too" phew I was so glad. She is going to mother these little munchkins to death :) 


Erin Wolf said...

AAAAWWWWW HAZEL! She's the sweetest ;) SO excited for baby boy!!!

Raquel Caro said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad Hazel handled the news about it being a boy so well. She is so sweet.

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