Mitchell is 2!!

Today is my baby boys is TWO years old. It is so crazy how fast time goes. He is so much fun even when he is a little whiner! He loves to say NO and still loves his binky and blankey. We are working on binky just in the bed. He has absolutely no interest in potty training but hates getting his diaper changed. He loves to cuddle and he really clings to his grandpa and uncles. I think he misses his daddy!! He loves going to nursery at church and the gym daycare. He is saying a bunch of words but does not talk nearly like hazel did. Some words he says: yes,no, mom,dad,popsis,papa,  car truck, please, thank you, amen, ball, clean up, doggy, go, out, jump, juice, 

He loooves to dance and sing, he enjoys swimming and jumping on the trampoline. He loves blackberries and pretty much all food. He loves to throw fits especially in target. When I don't let him stay in the toy isle forever or let him eat every piece of food I put in the cart. I don't remember hazel throwing these many fits. Oh and when he throws a fit he throws everything down including himself and hits his head on the ground. 

He wears 2T clothes and size 5 diapers and size 6-7 shoes. I think he weighs about 27-28 lbs

We are so glad Mitchell is apart of our family!!! Love you little stinker

Church was rough today