First week

My mom was here until Saturday and was such an amazing help! From spoiling the older kiddos to holding and rocking Clark, making us cookies and freezer meals, target trips and late night tv watching. It really was the best!! 
I took her to the airport on Saturday morning and got home
Just in time to get ready for clarks newborn pictures! There are a few sneak peaks of the pictures! I can't wait to get the rest back!! Especially the superman ones and the ones with all the kiddos!! 
Clark loves to eat, pee,poop,sleep and my favorite... snuggle!!!!! I never want to put him down, but I have to more than I had to put down the first two! Hazel has been the best big helper and even mitchell seems to be so much more independent and bigger!!  I've had two days completely by myself with three kids... it's going much better than expected! Now don't let me jinx it!!! 

I am so in love with my new little man!! I feel blessed to have three amazing children!!