The birth

Warning: long, detailed post

So last Wednesday at my dr apt I was 39.3 and my midwife checked me I was 3 cm and she stripped my membranes. I contracted all the rest of the day, and into the evening. I thought this was it, but I was so sad because my parents weren't going to be there until the next morning. So I took a bath and was able to go to bed. Woke up the next morning still pregnant. 
Well if it didn't happen yesterday... it would happen Thursday?! The kids and I picked up my parents about 12 on Thursday, we played, I did both parents hair and we went out to dinner.... went to bed and woke up still pregnant. I just kept thinking I would wake up in labor or wake up because my water broke, I'd had enough contractions!!!! 
Friday arrived and I had a eyelash fill appointment that I was sure I'd have to cancel because I'd had a baby, nope made my appointment! But now my lashes were fantastic. I was getting pretty irritated with it all, I mean my parents were here waiting for it all to happen... I could not disappoint! 
Feeling like a disappointment I took myself to get a manicure and pedicure! I felt much better after that. By Saturday I was determined to have a baby 1/7/17 sounded like a pretty cool birthday! I did not sit down all morning. 

I scrubbed my grout, I cleaned some bathrooms, I cooked up some pancakes and eggs for breakfast, I got all ready for the day, headed to Costco and got stocked up... got home and took a nap. At 230 contractions started, like clockwork, every 3-5 minutes lasting 60-120 seconds. They hurt but I was still trying to do stuff. After 2 hours of these "regular" contractions, I called and they told me to come in. Of course they were going to send me home.. I was so nervous! I didn't want to be That patient, I mean it was my third baby, I should know how this all works by now. My sweet cousin Marci came over and picked up my kiddos!!! So then we headed in. They checked me I was only 4 cm and I had been 3 on Wednesday so they told me to walk around and come back in 2 hours and they would recheck me. 

Two hours later I came back..

4-5 cm was all. 

Uugggh I was THAT patient. That was going to get sent home. 

The amazing Dr Torres came in, checked me to confirm what we already knew.. 4-5 cm. 

But then she said, do you want to go home just to come back in real labor later or do you want to just have a baby? Break water, epidural, pitocin.. the whole induction/augmentation process! 

Seriously???? I had no intentions of setting an induction up, but I was there, gown on, monitor on, 4-5 cm 40 weeks pregnant, with my parents in town... DONE! 

I got admitted, moved to a labor room (room 3) I was the only labor patient there. Got my Iv, signed my paperwork, and then dr Torres broke my water at 2115. 5cm dilated. They said it was clear... but later we learned it was meconium... all 3 of my babies have had meconium in their fluid. I guess I really stress them out! 

By 2200 I was BEGGING for an epidural!!! I mean the contractions I was having all day were wussy contractions. I think I was yelling, shaking, and holding onto the bed rails for my dear life. I thought I was going to die with each contraction. I had my epidural and was somewhat comfortable by 2245. They checked me and put my catheter in.. and guess what... I was still a 5! You had got to be kidding me. This was not real life.. I was so grateful I got an epidural! 

Since I was still a 5, they started pitocin at 2300 at 4mu/min 
2330 turned up to 6 and at midnight to 8. Around that time I called my nurse in I was feeling my pressure, she checked I was 8 cm. She sat me up in throne position, and then a couple of my friends arrived, with a cooler for my placenta too!! Thanks madi and karlee!! 

While sitting in this position my back was killing me!!!! It was hurting so bad, so I gave myself an extra dose off the epidural pump, big mistake... I was even more numb that before and my back still hurt. Duh Devyn, that was pressure pain and we can't take away the pressure! 

I called my nurse back in maybe 0045 and told her more pressure, she checked me and I was complete but baby was still 0 station. She said she would call dr Torres. Dr Torres came in about 0105 and checked me and I was +3 station. 

Side not: Previously we were discussing where we were from and turns out dr Torres had just moved back to Nellis AFB from Travis AFB for the past 5 years where she practiced as an OB, my dad and here found some common colleagues and she had lived in Napa!! Crazy!! Anyways she asked if I wanted my dad to deliver! Of course!!! 

So my dad and Jason got all gowned up, they broke the bed down and put my feet in the foot pedals, I could not move an ounce of my own lower body, it was pretty terrible. Then they had me push with the next contraction.. karlee had one leg, dr Torres had the other leg, my mom was holding FaceTime with Madeline and karlee had the FaceTime with Brittani. Madi was snapping pictures, and I was pushing. 

Baby arrived LOA at 0116 with my dad coaching Jason how to deliver, Jason delivered Clark. Clark went straight to my belly and cord was clamped when pulsating stopped. I wiped Clark clean while pulling him closer to me. With an intact perineum they got me all cleaned up and bed put back together. I started nursing Clark right away and he has a great latch. He nursed for a good 20-30 min on each side! My friends left, then my parents left about 0200 or so. 

About 0215 a lady came in screaming next door with a precipitous delivery .. the walls were realllly thin there!! Poor lady- anyways they took baby Clark about 0245 and bathed him and got all his measurements and assessed and shots. He was 8#9oz, 21 inches long, head full of hair and just perfect. 

About 0400 I could finally walk and go to the bathroom so then we moved rooms to postpartum room 11, right across the hall! 

Monday afternoon we were discharged and boy am I glad to be home. I do and don't like the hospital. It is nice for a minute and then I'm going stir crazy to get home!!! 

Recovery has been okay. The cramping is crazy worse with the third and my milk is in and engorgement is real! Ha!! Clark eats, sleeps, and poops oh and is the best snuggler!!!! 

Hazel is obsessed and mitchell likes to point and say little buddy or Clark, but if I am nursing Clark, mitchell will come sit next to me and say "he don't want it!!" Or "all done!" Until he is either crying and in timeout, or I finish nursing. Hopefully it will get better.





Things I want to remember: 
They wouldn't give me anything stronger than ibuprofen for a vaginal delivery, they didn't have dermoplast, or diaper pads, no wifi, no sodas, only 12 channels on the tv... and no food for dads, no snack room... (government hospital) but they did have the best ice and great staff. Jenn was my delivery nurse, Julia the baby's nurse and Megan was my postpartum nurse. 


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I love this sooo much! I keep reading it over and over. Love you guys.