100% for 100 days

September 17th is 100 days away from Christmas!!! Yipppy right :) well our stake every year, (this is our 2nd year participating) sets up '100% for 100 days.' This is where we try to give 100% in certain areas of our life for 100 days and the 100 days ends on Christmas - as our gift to Jesus. The tasks that we are striving to get a 100% in are: Daily: *individual and family prayer *Individual and family scripture study *acts of love and compassion to spouse. Weekly: *date with spouse *Family Home Evening *Sabbath Observance at ward of record. *magnify your calling. and Monthly: *fast and pay tithes and offerings *Temple attendance *Home and visiting Teaching.
I am very excited to start this challenge again, i don't think i took it quite as serious last year, but this year i know it will do wonders for every aspect of my life, especially my marriage as well as my relationship with my heavenly father. It is quite a challenge but i know we can do it for 100 days, and by that time hopefully it will be habit! I challenge all of you to try out 100% for 100 may not be easy but guarenteed well worth it!


sdralphs said...

We get to do the same challenge and are so excited! I love it. Are you going to the family expo on Saturday? If so we will see you there. Text me if you go!

Cathy said...

I 'm in!