would you still marry me?

i try so hard to not snap or be mean to my sweet husband he has never done anything to deserve it, but the other day when i wasn't being very nice, i decided to ask my jason, "would you still marry me today..?? meaner and fatter than when we first got married?" it made us both laugh and he being my perfect hubby said of course :) so now i try to stop myself before i say anything mean and ask him if he would still marry me- it makes the mood much better. So today at church (we just switched to 8:30!!) when my legs were extra hairy and he noticed.. he decided to tell me, he would still marry me today even with hairy legs :) he is so cute.


{april kennedy} said...

You have already found the key to a happy long-lived marriage. Being able to laugh and have little funnies to help lighten heavier moods.

Dave and I have had a few over the last 15 years. One I remember well was a TV commercial where they said "Thank you" in the form of a question. We used that one for a long time to lighten our contenious moods.

I like yours better! Love to you cuties.

Rich, Brit, Nugs, and CK said...

hahaha... we always say, "too bad you already love me."

Heather said...