birthday fun!

My Jason took me up to Park City for my 22nd Birthday! We had so much fun. It was such a beautiful drive up there. seriously so many colors on the mountains! We listened to my new Disney greatest hits the whole way up there, singing along..(okay well maybe just me...) checked into our hotel, and off to get our shop on! Park city outlets are pretty close to being as great as Napa's outlets.. maybe better.. once we were shopped out we headed to the hotel and we got ready to go out for dinner.. once i finished my hair i walked out of the bathroom and there was the sweetest card and most beautiful earrings, he is oh so very thoughtful. We then went to dinner at Squatters and had so much fun. we left early and made it back for church on sunday. i got several of my favorite yearly voicemails from my family and bestie Heather. We had family and friends over for a delicious dinner and overall had such the best birthday. Thank you everyone who made it such a great 22nd!


Brittani said...

LOVE YOU! glad you had a good birthday

Erin and Zach said...

I am so glad you have such an awesome husband who does this stuff for you. So jealous! So glad you had fun, lovey.