Yesterday while in attendance at the BYU v. UoW football game, where BYU of course WON; while we were sitting 4 rows back, holding freezing water in each hand trying to cool off from the million degree heat, eating nasty boiled peanuts (i thought i would try something healthier at a football game), sitting next to hundreds of squished in students, cheering loud, watching my husbands reactions to every play, making comments to my hubs on the cheerleaders massive makeup, wishing they had real diet coke in the stadium, all while watching COSMO, Byu's mascot. This is when it dawned on me, Zach should be in that suit. Cosmo was break dancing, jumping around, crowd surfing, doing backflips, being super crazy, all while NO ONE will ever know who he is. Zach would do all of this without the Cosmo costume, but he would be a fantastic Cosmo.. i think i will sign him up for tryouts when he returns. :) miss you E.Z.W.

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Cathy said...

My goodness- he will be awesome--does Cosmo carry around a book of Mormon??