Ernie's birthday!

Happy birthday to my big sissy Ernie! I wish i could be there to celebrate with you but some year we will be together on your birthday!!! I can't believe what you have accomplished in your short 25 years.. i mean you're a freakin' lawyer. I love sporting my UoChicago law shirt and i love being able to brag about our family. esp my lawyer big deal or anything.. well even if you weren't a lawyer (which you are) i would love you still the same and would brag about your beauty or your mad writing skills, or enormous love for your family. I wish i could see you more, but i know you are loving life in Chicago. I am so happy for you in your life and LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!


Brittani said...

she is awesome. love the pictures

Erin and Zach said...

aawww you are a sweetheart. thanks sissy. i love you so much too! and the first photo is classic! UCLA trips. ;) xoxoxo

Cathy said...

So Sweet Devyn!! I have beautiful girls and handsome boys-- inside and out. I bet you all are so delighted that I married so well!! :)