best friends make life bearable.

life is not easy. everyone knows that. but something else everyone should know is how much more bearable BEST friends make it. not just my BEST friend who rubs my back while i cry to sleep because i had a bad day or im terribly homesick, but my best friends who call because i had a weird FB status update, or remember i have a test tomorrow or are just walking/driving home or on their way to work. Best friends who share their secrets, and vent. best friends who leave me silly messages and never fail to let me know they love me. Best friends who reassure me everything is going to be okay. Best friends who write me snail mail. Best friends who legitimately care and want to know how i am. Best friends who see me at my worst and at my best. Best friends who put candy on my pillow when i go to napa to visit, who i confide everything in and share all my clothes. Best friends who stay up late having great conversations, and attend bingo together. Best friends who are in the same state and make an effort to meet up for dinner. been Best friends forever or just best friends for a few years- Best friends who LOVE me for ME no matter what.
and even a best friend who listens to my words morning and night and knows me and always knows my needs-this best friend has brought all my best friends into my life to make my life on earth bearable. I am blessed with some Amazing BEST friends!


Brittani said...

i hope i am one of those BEST friends! I know you are one of my BEST friends. I love you!

Best friends are also those who leave comments on your blog all the time :)

Erin and Zach said...

best sisters. best friends. i love you. and yes, best friends are those who leave comments on your blog all the time (or call you to complain of diarrhea)

i love you.

Cathy said...

The candy is awaiting already--only 1 point!! And I love you!!