party weekend!

and older picture-but one of the few i could find of KT.

HAPPY late Birthday to my FABULOUS sil Katie! I'm so glad you joined our family and for our little DEAN!!!! who is too cute for words. thanks for a great 80's party!!! Saturday night was a party night. Katies big 3-0. i helped get everyone's hair done and i wish i had some pictures... (hopefully someone will upload some pictures soon!!) and.. The food was amazing...mmm! the rest of my trip home was fabulous as well- spent several days getting hair and eyelashes done and after the big bash on saturday night, my partying didn't stop there ;) Luckily my BFF was up for a bingo night. we went and played the 'twilight' session of bingo. 11 pm it starts and gets over about 2 am. Heather is a BINGO master and won 650$!!! so she treated us to Denny's after! THANKS HEATHER!!! i loved seeing my family and friends and all the time i was able to spend with them. wish i had some pictures as proof.. oh wait i have one..

well, i have a few more pictures but we won't show any-cory had fun taking a bath with dean and ethan. cory in his swimshorts and ethan holding his breath under water, after dean had peed all over everyone. oh man.


Cathy said...

Such a beautiful picture of four beautiful ladies!! We had such a fun weekend but it is always a party when you come home, Devyn. Katie is quite the event planner!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

i wish i was able to see ethan after dean peed on him! i miss you guys. what a great pcture of little dean. love britti

Chelsea said...

You and Erin look like twins!!!!!