the semester is half full.

That is my optimistic version of the semester is half way over!!!!!! i love school, but it is hard to be optimistic when you want life to move on and be done with school. Patience is tough. Im working on it. as i am working on not getting angry for no reason as Zach talked about in his most recent letter. "Like all those times when huge fights between Devyn and Erin would start because Devyn would wear a shirt of Erin's and she hung it up backwards, so erin knew she had worn it. (those were the good old days. Actually not really. I used to cry when you guys fought)." I never realized that we would make zachy cry. I feel awful but zach has made an immediate impact in my daily life. From just this simple letter, he has taught me that we affect everyone around us. It breaks my heart at the thought of me making zachy cry. So to think that i can hurt other children of God makes me sad. I never want to hurt anyone. I need to be slow to anger and be more patient. Thanks Elder Wagner for being so righteous and serving the Lord. Thanks for leaving your family for a short time so other families can be together for eternity. and thanks for your weekly letters of inspiration. I am proud to call you my Brother.


Erin and Zach said...

Isn't he great? And yeah, that made me really very sad that we made him so sad. I hate my teenage self for being so quick to anger and not letting you wear my clothes! Look how far we've come! I love you like crazy, sissy. And Zachy-pooh, too.

Brittani said...

I LOVE YOU GIRLS! You are both so wonderful and please do not hate your teenage self Erin- you would not be the strong woman you are today if you didn't go through that stage in life. You had to learn a hard way what is important and what amazing things you can do.