Ashley's Birthday

Happy birthday to my sissy Ashley. I have always looked up to ash.. Maybe because she won homecoming queen and miss napa county or maybe because she would play with me when britt and erin would leave as soon as i wanted to play with them hahaha. she was bigsmash and then i decided (i think with her help) to make my email lilsmash. She said if i never cut my hair until she got married i could come live with her for a whole summer, well i cut my hair, i did spend a couple weeks with her though. I did have a Miss America birthday party in 3rd grade after being able to attend the miss california pageant when she was in it. Sometimes she bet me to do things, like when she dared me to bear my testimony in sacrament and she would take me to breakfast, or wear my PJ's to church (my mom would never let me) or even spill the sacrament tray..errr maybe that was erin, well either way church was never boring with her. I don't remember much more of ash being at home when i was little, but i do remember a lot now. Ashley is such a great sisters, mom, daughter, wife, nurse. shes is an amazing woman. love you ashy! PS read this from last years posts!!!


Erin and Zach said...

She is wonderful, isn't she? We are so lucky in our family to have such amazing women to look up to, talk to, seek advice from, and be loved unconditionally by! I love you Ash

and I love you Devy.

Ron, Ashley, Ethan and Addison said...

Thanks sisters!!!